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Energy and Power Industry is Incomplete without United Gulf

No matter what is the purpose of the project – right from rising national need for electricity to expand the energy resources, United Gulf machines have always been required largely for big Power projects, including overhead lines, substations and related projects. GE Energy has been one of the very big clients of United Gulf. An ISO Certified organization, United Gulf offers the best solutions to various industries such as Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, media and marketing and many more. For further more information about United Gulf and its products, and if you want to buy or rent one or avail a service, visit the official website here


Seek United Gulf for the Best Marketing Campaigns!

A nice banner, wall painting or changing hoardings are always one of the best ways of advertisements. These advertisements and hoardings placement is not possible without manlifts. If you own a marketing, media or advertising company then a collaboration with a manlift service provider would be really beneficial. United Gulf is that company that offers effective Manlifts for various jobs, such as painting walls, putting banners, or changing hoardings. An ISO Certified. For further more information about United Gulf and its products visit the official website here

Best Sports Stadiums of UAE are Made by United Gulf

The stadium projects are generally very challenging as they include working at high elevations be it for putting lights at the high raises, cleaning the facades or pedestrian ramps. The LEO series, of the United Gulf has the capability to help in such projects. It provides an efficient and smooth solution to these challenges. Besides this, it has a very small travel size as well as tiny footprint that help in completing the entire work in a very limited time and in heavy customer traffic flows too. For further more information about United Gulf and its products visit the official website here

Role of United Gulf Towards the Shopping Malls Industry

The power driven equipment of United Gulf gets used by many shopping malls all over UAE for many actions such as maintenance, painting, cleaning the smokescreen, correcting the graphics and electrical fittings to name a few.

United gulf’s widest range of paving machines has been quite useful in the tasks of construction of the inner roads as well as several parking lots of many shopping malls.

Some of the very prestigious clients of United Gulfs have been:

The Dubai Mall,
Lulu Oman,
Mall of the Emirates.

For further more information about United Gulf and its products visit the website here

Industry specific solutions! Now available at United Gulf

Regardless of what type of industry it is, there’s always a need of some specific equipment in order to get some specific operations done right. Since these operations are short term, it’s easier to rent the equipment than buying so as to save the money. United Gulf has observed this requirement of their clients and has a solution for each of them. Expanding the area of expertise, the company is now ready to offer services to diverse industries like oil & gas, construction, media & marketing, maintenance and shipping etc. So no matter how small or big the task gets, United Gulf has solution to get it done with ease. For more info, visit

For anytime equipment rental, get in touch with United Gulf

No matter how small or huge it is, a construction work can be spotted in Dubai at any point of time of the day. Since the manpower isn’t enough to accomplish the task, there’s a requirement of some mechanical equipment. They not just get the task done but also make it easier to handle. United Gulf has been providing such equipment to their clients ever since. Lighting tower, man lift, cherry picker and scissor lift etc. are to name a few of the equipment one can find in the inventory. So if you need any of these listed equipment on rent in Dubai, just visit and place the request.

Rich supplier network to meet the demands

United Gulf has been in the industry for over a decade and has been supplying the best quality construction and lifting equipment to its clients in Dubai and all over UAE. Observing the ever increasing needs of these equipment, United Gulf has established a huge network of suppliers so as to deliver the timely and desired services to its clients. So whether you are in need of fork lift rental or straddle carrier to as huge as a crane, United Gulf is ready to get it supplied to you at any point of time. So don’t just think! Visit and you’ll have the equipment right at your service.

United Gulf: one stop solution to your equipment needs

Whether it’s a small scale or a large scale construction, each job needs some specific set of equipment to be used so as to get the job done with perfection and ease. Since these equipment could be as huge a crane, they’re not generally purchased but taken on rent for the use. United Gulf is one of those equipment rental companies in Dubai which is trusted by its clients meeting their requirements. With a diverse range of equipment in the inventory, they are ready to deliver at any point of time. Just get in touch with them with your requirements and they’ll get you the desired solution. For more info, visit

United Gulf: For best quality rental equipment

A lot of construction work keeps on going around the city of Dubai and each of them need some really heavy equipment so as to carry out some essential tasks. Since they’re of no use to the company after completion of work, it’s better to get them on rent and that’s where the role of United Gulf arises. Being one of its own types of equipment rental companies in Dubai, United Gulf could offer you a range of equipment like fork lift, side loader or straddle carrier etc. to be taken on rent. So what are you waiting for? Just visit and hire them TODAY!