Monthly Archives: April, 2016

Equipment rental in Dubai

United Gulf Equipment Rental is an established & reputed name in construction & maintenance industry. For a construction to be executed, there are some equipments needed which are not worth to buy as they won’t be used after the job done. Thus, keeping this in mind, United Gulf has started a rental service in Dubai. These services let the owner or construction manager rent the equipments for the use. When their task gets completed, they are to be given back to the company. Not just keeping them in inventory, United Gulf also takes care of the maintenance of these equipments for a longer & efficient use. So, if you are in need of any equipment for short term use, visit & select the desired equipment. This not just save you some time, but might cost you lesser than buying.


Smooth operation require quality operators

As how long a business run depends on the quality of owner, similarly the machine’s life depends on how well an operator operates it. A quality operator knows all the how-to of a machine and makes it run smoothly. To make it sure, United Golf has a team of experienced operators who knows the working & functionality of machine deeply & understands its importance in carrying out a task. Apart from this, operator is well aware of wear & tears of machine to make it work for a long time in an efficient manner. So if your operator isn’t working promptly, come to United Gulf & hire a professional. For more info, visit

Hire United Gulf for service & maintenance of equipments

Construction equipments are nothing but a combination of smaller mechanical parts which are combined to carry out the specific operation. For a longer life, these machines require regular maintenance and that’s possible only when one have the correct knowledge about the machine. We, at United Gulf Equipment Rental, besides providing equipments on rent, also provide maintenance and service of these equipments for those who own it. Our trained and well-managed experts have the deep knowledge of these equipments & thus take a good care of these when you hire them. So, is it a tiny drill or a forklift, if you need maintenance, hire United Gulf. Visit for more info.

Rent the equipments & save some bucks

Construction equipments are giant in size and are mechanical objects that demand regular maintenance for a prompt working on a long run. Since they’re not be used on a daily or regular basis, it’s advised, & preferred by many, to rent these equipments. United Gulf is a known & established name in the industry & has been providing perfectly maintained equipments to people in need. It not only just save their time but, also let them save some money as they pay on a per-hour basis. So, if you need any forklift, side-loader, straddle carrier or container carrying service, visit & get the work done in easiest way with zero hassle.